Footprints. George Matthews sees them every day in his work. Footprints of dinosaurs, mammoth tracks, squirrels, among others. He worked for so many years in the museum. He has seen all the traces and listened to all the presentations about them. If one of the guides got sick, he could give the presentation to him or her without a problem. Unfortunately, security guards are not allowed. George would have been an excellent paleontologist. But his family didn’t have the resources for him to finish his education. ‘Someday,’ he thought not very convinced, during his nights of vigilance.

One winter day, George noticed something different. An exhibition of cavemen caught his attention. In the sand, in front of the entrance of the cave, there were some small tracks of Crocs shoes. George told the manager about his discovery, but he showed no interest in the matter. A few simple tracks meant nothing to him.

“You have to have a coffee, George,” Mr. Cort said with a smile. And looking at the guard’s flat abdomen, added: “with a lot of sugar.”

George told his colleagues about his discovery, but they reacted like his boss.

“If you want a son so much, George, adopt one and stop exaggerating,” commented his friend, Nolan.

At night, while George Matthews was on his turn, he heard footsteps. In an automatic mode, he pulled out his gun and approached the place where he heard them. They came from the hall where the exhibition with Crocs’ prints was.

Inside the showcase, he saw a boy of about seven years old, dirty blond hair, hidden by a red cap and big cheeks. He wore a big brown winter coat, jeans and yellow Crocs on his feet. When George approached him, the boy saw the gun and tried to hide again in the cave of the exhibition. George saw the hunger and fear in his black eyes.

“Don’t go!” said George, putting away the gun. The boy reminded him of his brother when he was little. “I want to help you. What is your name?”

“Stanley.” the boy answered with more confidence.

“What are you doing here?”

“I was cold and I entered.”

“And, where are your parents?”

“They died a long time ago.”

If you want a child so much, George, adopt one. ‘I’ll do that.’ the guard thought.


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