I did not expect that

“I hate candles! I have prepared them; I have packed and sold them for years. The wax sticks to my clothes, my face and my hair. And the smell… makes. Me. Nauseous. I did not choose this life! They chose it for me. I refuse to last one more day in this place doing something that I’m not passionate about!”

Mrs. Titan remained silent throughout Amelia’s monologue. She took the huge rule with what punished the insolent. She held it in the air, pointing at the girl’s face. Amelia made no move to defend herself, no reaction. Mrs. Titan… under the rule and placed her back on her desk. The girl looked at her confused. Mrs. Titan walked to the door of the office and opened it. She knew her story and knew what she said was the truth.

“You remind me of me,” she said with a motherly expression. “I’m glad you do not make the same mistake as me.”

Amelia smiled at her. ‘I did not expect that,’ she thought.


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