The Journal

“Brenda!” Miriam screamed as she knocked on the door of her friend’s room.

“Miriam … what’s wrong? … I was sleeping,” Brenda said. Her eyes were almost closed, her blond hair was messy and she spoke in whispers.
“We have problems”. Miriam made her way to her friend’s room and started looking for clothes.
With a slight laugh, Brenda responded, “You have problems, I’m fine.”
Miriam began to tell her accomplice what had happened. The sweat of her forehead and the tears of her eyes fell on the red carpet.
“You are an idiot!” Brenda exclaimed; her blue eyes were full of rage. “Why did you write in your journal everything we did? It will be a confession in the trial!”
Miriam massaged her temples to calm down; they had to find the journal before it was too late. “But first, we must tell Rosemary.”
As Brenda and Miriam arrived at the main entrance, noticed that Tito, Brenda’s dog, had tied to its tail a small box. Brenda untied the box. Inside was a piece of paper. She read it aloud; Miriam paled.
“They… have Rose,” said Miriam, in the end.
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