The Frog Rock

“Mommy, can you tell me the story of the Frog Rock?” asked Hannah and pointed the rock in form of a frog that was close to the beach.
Once upon a time, there was this handsome and strong warrior called Ethan. He had won many combats and he was very loved and respected by everybody in the village.
Ethan was in love with Princess Chelsie but she didn’t want to marry him.
One day Ethan asked Princess Chelsie: “What shall I do to win your love and affection, Your Highness.”
The Princess responded, “Go to the cave on the other side of the Jast Mountain and kill the Giant Frog. Then, I will marry you.”
Ethan started his odyssey to the cave. Once inside the cave, the brave warrior took out his bow and arrow and got ready to attack. The Giant Frog was sleeping; Ethan shot his arrow. The arrow stabbed the frog in the back. Suddenly, Ethan’s arms and legs became frog’s legs; his eyes crystallized and separated. On the other hand, the Giant Frog shrank, his green skin became smooth and black hair came out of his head and chin. Now, Ethan was the Giant Frog and the Giant Frog was a comely young man.
“What have you done to me?” Ethan croaked.
“My name is Shawn and my curse’s broken. Whoever kills the Giant Frog must take its place. I am free now.” Shawn ran out of the cave with a big smile on his face.
Ethan stayed in the cave, depressed, for many days. Then he had an idea: he would go to the village in the hopes that somebody kills him.
When he got to the village, in the middle of the Plaza, he saw Princess Chelsie and Shawn’s wedding. Ethan croaked so furiously that the ground began to shake. The town’s people screamed and ran for their lives. Ethan chased Shawn all the way to the beach. When Shawn got to the water, Ethan jumped and squashed him. Suddenly, Ethan became a rock.
The second part of the curse stated: if the Giant Frog kills somebody close to water, the frog becomes stone.


Picture Credits: Chase Trautwein

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