The Quarry

Kurt invited John, Mason, Ally, Susie and, Mandy to this new place. Kurt’s father was a miner; his team had created a quarry to look for minerals. Now that they stopped working that area, they left a colossal and deep quarry, with a small, limpid lake at the bottom.
“I am going to jump!” exclaimed Kurt bravely. John, Mason, Mandy and the twins looked at Kurt in amazement.
But when Kurt got to the edge of the cliff…, he put his left hand on his belly, fell on his knees and said: “Arrgh! I have a cramp! I can’t swim.”
“I’ll do it.” Mandy raising her hand and running next to Kurt’s side. Her red hair flapped in the wind.
“She’s just a girl; she’ll cower,” commented John to Mason and he giggled.
Ally and Susie heard him and shouted, “We will jump after Mandy!”
Mandy got near the edge, where Kurt once stood. She saw the white rock in the wall of the quarry, and the crystal clear water at the bottom. She curled her toes to feel the grass under her feet. After calming herself, Mandy jumped.
How deep was the quarry? Deep enough for Mandy to have this thought: Why did I do this? This. Was. So. Stupid. Mandy fell into the water.
She fell so hard, she bounced up again.
She fell so hard; it was like diving into a cement sidewalk.
She fell so hard her whole body was sore, like if she had done exercise after a very long time.
“Mandy! How was it?” asked Ally. There was concern in her blue eyes.
“It was… okay.” Mandy replied, still shaking.
Ally jumped. When she got to the shore, where Mandy was, she asked her: “Why you did not tell me it hurt?”
“Because you would not jump.”
Susie jumped too. Just as soon as she got to the shore, they notice she had a red-brown scar on her thin right leg. While Susie recovered her breath, Ally and Mandy waited for one of the boys to jump. Nobody jumped after twenty minutes.
“They left. We should leave,” said Mandy; Susie could barely walk because of her leg.
The three girls looked up at the sharp, rocky walls of the quarry. Then they looked at the sky; it was getting dark. They looked at Susie’s scarred leg. Then they looked at each other. There was no rope. There was no ladder. Finally, Susie said out loud the question that was burning in the girls’ minds: “So, how are we going to go up?”


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