The Initiation

Today is Beth’s initiation into the family. We are all very excited to welcome her into our group. No adults to ruin the fun, just the kids having fun. Beth is now three years old: old enough to complete the initiation without getting hurt.  Old enough for my parents to leave us alone with her.

All my cousins came: Seth, Edwin, Anne, Rick and, Felicity. Edwin will conduct Beth’s initiation because he is the youngest of us. It’s being a tradition for many years:

Felicity did Seth’s.

Seth did mine.

I did the twins’.

Anne and Rick did Edwin’s.

Now, he’ll do Beth’s.

It’s the time, Felicity will bring Beth.

She has small, black, almond-shaped eyes that match her curly black hair. Beth also has big cheeks, pink skin, and she is wearing the new green dress mom bought for her. Beth is adorable.

Felicity handed Beth over to Edwin. Edwin placed her inside the box we’ve prepared. We had to get a new one because the other one was too old and floppy. The twins stuffed it with the softest pillows they could find in grandma’s house. Seth also put a pillow on top of Beth’s head for safety. Then Edwin pushed the box down the stairs. When the box reached the curve of the stairs, Edwin had to push it again. We took Beth out of the box; she was giggling. She was officially one of us. But…not quite yet. There was still one more tradition: Aunt Angy came to reprimand us.


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