“There is a very, very small island. We call it Pinnacles. I am happy to know that the industrial world hasn’t corrupted it. The island is a tropical forest with a mountain in the center. There is also a small semi-submarine cave; it has been my refuge since I was a child. My father and I found it one day when we went out on his fishing boat to explore. When we return home, we told Mama and Cameron about her. Since then we went to the island frequently; we did picnics, hikes and, fishing. Dad even built a hut where we stayed on the weekends. I never invited my friends, Pinnacles was a family secret. Not even when I got married and had children, I never reveal the existence or location of Pinnacles. I do not visit it as much as before but it is always present in my heart. Pinnacles Island has been sacred to me for fifty years, so I would never profane it by hiding gold and a corpse in it.”

“So, where are your husband and your son, Mrs. Pearl?” The FBI official asked, impatiently because of the ramblings of the defendant.

“As I said,” the woman replied with a smile, “it’s sacred.”

Pinnacles pic


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