The Unclosable Door (Part 1)

Once upon a time, there was a house on top of a hill with a front door that nobody could close. The strongest men in the King’s army tried to slam it shut but it always opened up again. People piled all kinds of things to prevent the door from opening. But it was pointless.

One day the King announced that whoever closed the door would marry his daughter, Princess Rora. The number of men that attempted to close the door increased. Many peasants and foreigners tried to close the door in the hopes of marrying the princess and acquiring great wealth and power.

Many months after the King made the challenge, a young maiden appear in his court. She was gorgeous. She had long, dark brown hair, dazzling green eyes full of wisdom and knowledge, fair skin and a small nose. She wore a modest, simple blue dress. She bowed down to the King and Princess Rora.

“What do you want, my child?” asked the King, astonished by her beauty and youth.

“My name is Mika, your Majesty. I came to request a different reward for your challenge since I know how to close the door.”

The King laugh for his insides and asked: “What do you want, my dear?”

“If I close this door before the end of the week, Princess Rora and I shall exchange positions.

I’ll have her clothes, she’ll have mine.

I’ll have her family, she’ll have mine.

I’ll have her food, she’ll have mine.”

The Princess wasn’t paying attention until she heard her name. She asked: “And what if you fail?”

“The King shall do with me whatever he pleases,” Mika replied.

The king smiled. His eyes sparkle with delight to listen to her words. “Well, my child, we have a deal.”


to be continue

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