The Unclosable Door (Part 2)


That same night Mika went up the hill to the house where the unclosable door was. The house itself didn’t belong to anybody, so it was empty when Mika arrived. She proceeded to examine the door. The wood was alright, the frame was alright, the hinges were alright, the door lock was… THE DOOR LOCK! The faceplate sunk, which prevented the door from closing. Mika tried to lift it up with her bare fingers but the faceplate slid through them. She tried to use the fabric of her dress, but still, it wouldn’t come out.
‘This requires a new lock.’ thought Mika.
The next day she went to town and bought a new lock for the house; Princess Rora saw her. All the people that were gathered in the market stole glances at Mika; they knew what she proposed to the King. Some believe she could do it and some didn’t.
“You’ll never get my crown,” mocked the Princess while she waved her blonde curls, “you aren’t stronger than my father’s warriors. You’re nothing more than a poor, unimportant girl.”
Mika grinned and replied, “And yet you feel threatened by me.”
Princess Rora’s face went from smooth white to boiling red. She didn’t answer; she turned around and walked back to her carriage.
That night Mika replaced the lock of the unclosable door with a new, functioning one. Then she tried to close the door. IT CLOSED…AND OPEN AGAIN! Mika went running as fast as she could to the castle to tell the King and ask for her reward.
The King was surprised. He demanded to get his horses ready to go to the house on the hill. When the King arrived, the neighbors woke up and followed them to see if Mika had closed the door. Mika walked up to the door and closed it. The wind of the night blew but the door remained closed. The multitudes applauded and whistle. The Princess and King’s face went completely pale.
Mika walked up to the King, bowed down and said: “My price, Your Majesty.”
The King walked up to Princess Rora. She gave her a father a do-not-do-it look in her face.
“I am sorry Rora,” he whispered. He took Rora’s crown and placed on the top of Mika’s brunette curls.
“My people!” announced the King, “With great pleasure, I present to you… Princess Mika.” The multitudes applauded and whistle once more.
Mika climbed the horse of the Princess and ride to the castle… her new home. Meanwhile, Rora couldn’t keep her eyes off her new enemy. Also, the King couldn’t keep his eyes off his new “daughter”.

to be continue

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