The Unclosable Door (Part 3)


Belladonna. Perfect for her, thought Princess Rora while she roamed around the forest in the search for the venomous berry. It tastes sweet so her victim won’t notice it. Mika had stolen everything from her. Her home, her family, her inheritance. And the worst of all was… the kingdom loved her, peasants and nobles equally.

Princess Rora put on servant’s clothing made a mask to hide her face. When she got to the entrance of the castle, she knelt down in front of the guard and wailed: “I am a wretched creature, with a wretched face looking for a job. Any job. Please! Have mercy on me.”

The guard let Princess Rora into the kitchen. Months and months passed. Princess Rora cleaned the floors, took care of the pigs, and emptied potty chambers. Until… one day somebody ordered her to prepare the dessert for Princess Mika. Princess Rora diligently concocted a small cake with belladonna inside. Princess Rora happily waited for the announcement of the impostor’s death.

In his personal chambers, the King drank a whole bottle of strong wine. He meditated on the last months since Mika’s arrival. He proposed marriage on three different occasions. She rejected his offers.

This is unacceptable! thought the King, I can do whatever I want. I am the King!

The King came to the conclusion. He went to Mika’s chambers.

“Come in!” said Princess Mika when she heard the knock on the door. A servant walked in with her dessert she’d requested on a tray. Mika added, “Thank you.”

Mika’s taster took the plate with the sweet dessert, took a small sample and ate it. They waited and… nothing happened. The cake was safe for the Princess to eat.

Mika took the fork, she had the piece of cake inches from her mouth…something was wrong. Mika smell a blueberry scent; she was allergic to blueberry. In the kitchen, they should be aware of that.


The taster fell dead on the red carpet. The cake was poisoned.


Mika hid the taster’s body under her bed. She opened the door little bit. The King pushed the door and let himself inside the room. The smell of alcohol in his breathe made it to Mika’s nostrils.

“Your Majesty, what…what can I do for you?” Mika’s voice trembled.

“I am the King. I…I do what I want and get what I want! With you or anybody else I want! I tried to be nice to you, but you… you lost your chance.”

Mika gave a quick look at the small cake. She took the King’s hand, guided him to a nearby stool to sit down, and said in a low voice: “You’re right. You deserve the best. Sit down, eat some cake. I’ll go freshen up and then we can do whatever you want.”

Mika waited behind the door. She heard coughing and then dead silence. Mika took out the body of the taster out from under her bed.

“Guards! Guards!” screamed Mika. The guards and some servants rushed in chambers and saw in awe the dead body of the King. “Somebody poisoned my cake and murdered the King. I want whoever made this cake beheaded, immediately!”

Three guards and two servants went out of the room to fulfill the order. Two guards carried the Kings corpse out of the chambers. The remaining guards and servants knelt down before Princess Mika and exclaimed: “Long live Queen Mika!”

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