Don’t Play Golf in the Rain

Ricardo Lopez played a round of golf every Wednesday in the afternoon. He enjoyed the sport and it also kept him healthy. It also helped him release the stress from his work; he was a doctor.

This particular Wednesday it was rain. It wasn’t a mere drizzle, rain was heavily pouring down. The green grass of the field was cover with puddles.

Ricardo Lopez still wanted to play his accustomed round. His caddy, Cheo Perez, warned him that playing golf in the rain was difficult and dangerous. Ricardo had been a doctor in the U.S. Army; he didn’t get scared easily. Ricardo always enjoyed a good challenge. Cheo insisted but in the end, he took the bag and walked with Ricardo to the first hole.

Cheo gave his player the golf club: the drive. Ricardo practiced his swings. The thunder clang; Cheo was nervous. As soon as Ricardo had his metallic drive, up in the air he resembled… a lightning rod… which inevitably attracted a thunderbolt. Ricardo screamed in agony. When Cheo went to see the place where he was, the only thing left from Ricardo Lopez was… his fried left ear.


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