The origin of the village of Siseneg has always been and will always be a mystery to the world. Many said that Don Fred, the mayor, had bought that land many years ago, which he worked hard and turned into a town. The first inhabitants were the workers, who helped Don Fred build the town. Then many more people started arriving. Many people accepted that logical explanation as a reality, but many rejected it. At first glance, it looked like any normal town: dirt roads, houses made of wood and five made of concrete. There were a few cars and motorcycles. The washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, light bulbs, telephones, among other inventions, popularize. Siseneg had few inhabitants; they were simple and hospitable people. The west and northwest area, called Nosip, was where the upper class lived. In the east and northeast, called Sirgirt, was the middle class. In the south, called Setarfue, lived the lower class. In the middle of the town, you could find hospitals, schools, the market, the house of Don Fred among other things. Seven hundred and two square kilometers contain everything a civilization could need. Currently, Siseneg is no longer part of the modern world; some doubt it ever existed. That it was only a fairy tale. Yet, every day more evidence that proves its existence appears; the scholars reject them because they interfere with their science. Only those of different minds will believe it and see it. You are probably wondering: what does this special town have? If you pay attention you will know why.


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