Heart in the High Seas (Part 1)

Daisy Carrera was the most mysterious, intelligent and beautiful woman in her town.She had long, wavy black hair, dark skin, and a slender figure. Her almond-shaped honey eyes, surrounded with long lashes and under copious eyebrows. Her lips were fleshy and his small nose was thin and straight. Daisy’s headdress was always impeccable and her dresses were velvet, cotton or silk. Daisy’s fiancee, Reynaldo Peña, was the owner of the best textile factory in Puerto Rico. Reynaldo had pale skin, light brown hair, aquiline nose, thin lips, a round face, and bright brown eyes. Reynaldo was always well dressed: with black leather boots, a white linen shirt and pants and a blue coat.

“He’s a good man. He’s decent, honorable and loyal. He’ll be able to take care of you when your grandfather and I are gone,” said Candelaria Carrera.

“Yes, grandma.” said Daisy before going into her room.

“Everything will be fine, honey,” Edgar said before Daisy entered her room.

“Yes, grandfather,” replied Daisy.

The next morning, Daisy gave Reynaldo the answer. Edgar and Candelaria invited Reynaldo to dinner that night to celebrate.

They had veal, bread, wine, and fruit. Reynaldo spoke with Edgar and Candelaria about business and wedding preparations. Meanwhile, Daisy ate in silence. She immersed in her thoughts about her new life. The atmosphere was peaceful … until the cannons struck.

The cannons destroyed many houses. The crew entered homes and stores. They took away many objects of inestimable value and murdered whoever got in their way. When the pirates arrived, Candelaria and Edgar hid in the library; while Daisy and Reynaldo hid in the closet of Daisy’s room. The pirates stormed the house; unlike the others, they did not steal anything. They searched the whole house from top to bottom. When they reached Daisy’s room, Daisy and Reynaldo were quiet but nervous. Reynaldo’s heart was pounding in his ears. Daisy was calmer; she knew those cannons.

“Hello sweetie,” said the first pirate when he opened the closet door and saw Daisy. He was bald, with a goatee and scars on his arms. “Did you miss us?”

“Enzo, Uriel, get out of my house,” said Daisy authoritatively.

“Of course … but you’ll have to join us,” Uriel said as he took Daisy by the arms. Uriel was short, a little fat and with abundant reddish hair.

“If you take her, you’ll have to take me too,” Reynaldo said with bravery.

“As you like,” said Enzo. Enzo and Uriel tied and gagged Daisy and Reynaldo and took them to the dock where a boat awaited them.

“We finally found you,” Uriel whispered to Daisy as he carried her to the boat, “we’ve been looking for you for months.”

to be continue

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