Heart in the High Seas (Part 2)

The Ruthless Leviathan was the fastest pirate ship of the seven seas. It was a line ship with three masts, three decks and twelve cannons on each deck. What most characterized the Ruthless Leviathan were its unusual navy blue sails. Uriel was the boatswain and Enzo was the officer. As soon as Daisy and Reynaldo got on the ship they were immediately taken to the dungeon. Once in the cell and without the gag, Reynaldo began to shoot questions at Daisy.

“How is it that these barbarians know you?! Why do these savages want you here?! If you’re going to be my wife, you better start answering me!” Daisy answer me!”

Daisy was silent. An hour after the arrival of Daisy and Reynaldo, Abba, the constable, went to the cell. Abba had a beard and brown hair and had a patch on his right eye.

“The captain wants to see you. He requested that you wear this. It will make you feel comfortable,” said Abba, showing Daisy a black bag.

“Who is the captain?” Daisy asked.

“You’ll see, come with me to change you,” said Abba, opening the cell door.

“Do not you dare go, Daisy!” Reynaldo shouted. Daisy left the cell and Abba led her to an empty cabin.

The captain was right: she was going to be comfortable. It was clothed in the bag; her clothes. Daisy quickly removed her wet cotton dress and put on those clothes. She put on a white shirt with bare shoulders, black pants, black knee boots, a brown belt, a red corset are silver designs and her silver rings. She wrapped a red scarf on her head and a tricorn hat, with designs silver, on top of it. Daisy was happy, she felt that she was herself again. She was also curious to meet the captain. Daisy climbed diligently to the main deck.

The main deck was decorated with candles and there was a table with Daisy’s favorite food: pork. There were also some men from the crew playing music. In front of the table was the captain with two bottles of rum in his hands.

The captain was young, a year older than Daisy, but equally smart and strong as she was. The captain had black, short hair, deep black eyes, a wide forehead, square chin, thick eyebrows, classic nose and a short beard. His skin was tan from spending long hours under the sun. His arms were muscular from carrying heavy equipment in the past. The captain wore a white T-shirt, a dark green vest, black trousers, leather boots, a belt with his double-edged sword sheathed and a large, round hat with a large white feather on top.

“Hello, Daisy.” said the captain.

“I thought you were dead, Tomás,” said Daisy.

“How many years have passed?”

“Five.” At that time the musicians began to play louder.

“Do you want to dance?” asked Tomás.

“You hate dancing.” said Daisy with a small smile.

“But you don’t.”
While they were dancing, Daisy and Tomás continued their conversation.

“So, now you’re a fine society lady, I did not see that coming. I was hoping to find you anywhere but there,” Tomás said as he put his hand on Daisy’s waist and held on to the laughter.

“How did you find me?” asked Daisy.

“Your necklace, you said it was unique,” Tomás looked at the silver moon-shaped necklace Daisy had around her neck. “I had contacts that help me track it down.”

“What did you bring me for?” Daisy asked, with discontent.

“Aviles, the captain of the Black Shark, is chasing me because of the… incident. He wants to kill you. He threatened to sink my ship if I didn’t hand you over.”

“Are you going to?”

“No, you’re going to use your sword skills to get rid of him.”

“Why should I help you?” Tomás turned her around.

“Maybe because I helped you to protect your flower” After a pause, Tomás added: “I know you, Daisy. You are independent and adventurous. You want to be free. I offer you a way to be free: be the captain of the Black Shark and not the submissive and boring wife of an entrepreneur.”

Daisy stopped dancing, took a bottle of rum, a plate of pork and went to her cell.

“Why do you wear that clothes?! You’re one of them!” Reynaldo yelled at Daisy when he saw her enter. Daisy did not speak to him; she only ate her food, drank the bottle of rum and fell asleep.

After Daisy left, Tomás ordered that they clean everything and went to his cabin.

“How did it go, son?” Lieutenant Kilian asked when Tomás entered the cabin. Kilian had a long black beard, a square chin, and black eyes.

“I convinced her,” said Tomás while removing his vest.

“Tomás, you’re in love with Daisy.”

“Of course not, it’s mere business.”

Kilian approached Tomás and said, “You can trick the whole crew but not me, son. You can kill Aviles alone.” After a pause, he added: “You’re trying to win Daisy’s forgiveness.”

“Good evening father,” said Tomás as he went to bed.

“Good evening Tomás,” Kilian said with a satisfied smile.

Tomás was annoyed by his father’s words … because he was right.
The next morning, The Ruthless Leviathan headed towards the Gulf of Mexico, where they would meet the Black Shark. Reynaldo and Daisy were taken out of their cell. During the day Daisy was with Tomás, Kilian, Abba, Enzo or Uriel. She checked the ammunition, took over the rudder and talked and joked with her friends. Meanwhile, Reynaldo sat at the deck, watching the ocean… and his fiancee. He hated pirates more and more.

They are like animals. Reynaldo thought.

After a week, the crew held a party. The air impregnated with the smell of food. Music, laughter and the sound of pirates singing and dancing. Daisy danced more than anyone and Tomás sang with the other pirates. The party was on the main deck; Reynaldo stayed by the helm watching the party.

“You have many questions, right?” Kilian asked Reynaldo.

“Do you know how Daisy met all these people, Lieutenant Martinez?”


“Then tell me everything.”


to be continue

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