Heart in the High Seas (Part 3)

Daisy’s father, Alejandro Carreras, was a rich and famous expeditionary. He never took Daisy or his wife on his trips, but when Daisy turned fifteen, he made an exception. After three weeks of the expedition, there was a fire… Daisy was the only survivor. After countless hours of floating on a board, we found her.

Tom was the first to see her and Captain Nazario, who was the captain at the time, ordered her to go on board. She was thirsty and her dress was ripped. Captain Nazario had reddish hair, a small forehead, copious eyebrows, small eyes, a thick nose, thin lips, and thin beard in an oval face. Nazario was captivated by Daisy’s beauty in an instant. He ordered Tomás to take care of her. Since then, they became great friends.

Daisy immediately won the love and friendship of the entire crew. Abba taught Daisy how to use the guns. Uriel taught her the parts of the ship. Enzo told her many anecdotes and rules about piracy. I taught her how to sail the boat and Tomás taught her fencing and swimming. Before we knew it, Daisy was a freebooter.

Every day, Captain Nazario was more interested in Daisy, but she always found a way to avoid being alone with him. But one day she could no longer.
“The captain wants to see you tonight. He said to look pretty,” Uriel said, trying not to laugh, at Daisy, six months after her arrival.

Daisy came immediately to Tomás and me and she told us everything. Daisy trembled with nerves. Tomás said he would be in the captain’s cabin and if something happened he would support her. Daisy arrived at Captain Nazario’s cabin, well-dressed and full of nerves. While Daisy ate in silence, Captain Nazario spoke, with bright eyes. He talked about how quickly she became a pirate in a few months, about his future plans and praised her beauty. That evening, an English fleet attacked the Ruthless Leviathan. They shoot the ship and killed Captain Nazario. The Ruthless Leviathan left the reach of the English fleet

“I appoint you captain, Daisy Carrera.” Captain Nazario said, with his last words.

Daisy took the new position with great elegance. The position made her strong, clever and observant. At first, the crew didn’t take Daisy seriously. But as time passed, Daisy became more authoritative and the crew began to respect and obey her. Tomás became Daisy’s bodyguard. Without Nazario, the men began courting Daisy. Openly and frequently.

“There’s nothing she can hear that I can’t,” said Tomás every time a buccaneer wanted a private audience with Daisy.

In the years that follow, the Ruthless Leviathan took the reputation of escapist ship: attacked, looted and escaped. Intact and without a trace. After a productive looting, the crew celebrated in their favorite refuge: The Cayman Islands.
“You’re a better captain than Nazario,” Tomás told Daisy one day while they were dancing in the Cayman Islands.

“Are you drunk?” Daisy laughed.

“No, and you?”

“No.” After a brief pause, they kiss. No one requested a private audience with Daisy again.

Three years after Daisy’s arrival on the ship, an attacked took place. The Black Shark began firing with its cannons.

“All to port! Fast, filthy ratbags! Fire!” Ordered Daisy.

Her orders were fulfilled, immediately. Many men of the Black Shark entered our boat … one of them was Captain Aviles’ only son. Daisy fought with him but Tomás was the one who killed him. When Aviles asked about the death of his son, Tomás started the rumor that Daisy killed him. Captain Aviles swore that he would avenge the death of his son.

When we got out of the reach of the Black Shark, Daisy ordered that they lead the course to an island in the southeast of Santo Domingo. Tomás and Daisy went on a boat to the island and Daisy left Tomás there with his duffle.

“Why, Daisy?” asked Tom when she started to get away in the boat.

“Because you betrayed me!”
“Quick seadogs! Unfold the sails!” Daisy ordered when she got back on the ship. No one moved a muscle. “What are you waiting for?”

The whole crew started screaming and making a fuss. Among the screams could be distinguished phrases such as: “Get her out of the boat!”, “Dance the hempen jig!”, “We should not let her be the captain!”. Uriel put some shackles on Daisy, gagged her and took her to a cell.

“Tom is no longer here to stop this,” Uriel took Daisy to the dungeon.

We left Daisy in the port of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Without Daisy, I was in charge. My first mandate was … to go find my son. When we found Thomas he was hungry, thirsty and hallucinating from the heat. When Tomás recovered the judgment they named him captain of the Ruthless Leviatán.

to be continue

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