Heart in the High Seas (Part 5)

They arrived at the Gulf of Mexico, the Black Shark was already there, waiting for them. The Black Shark was a ship with two masts, two decks, eighty guns distributed and black and white sails.

The crews of both ships began to scream.

“Fire!” ordered Tomás and the guns of the Ruthless Leviathan began firing. “I want Aviles at the bottom of the dark ocean!”

Captain Aviles was a man with black hair, green eyes, and a large mouth and pointed nose.

“All to starboard!” ordered Aviles.

The ships began to approach and the crew began to attack and fight.

“But captain, you never pass on to the other ships,” the Black Shark’s lieutenant told him.

“I will not be back until I have the head of that witch!” Aviles said before swinging on a rope to reach the enemy ship.

Daisy was waiting for him; they saw each other and drew their swords. The fight began. The sound of their swords was the loudest of all; they traveled the whole ship between attacks and dodges. Daisy tried to jump back but slipped and her sword fell into the sea. Aviles was about to pierce Daisy’s heart with his sword … until Tomás attacked him from behind. Aviles blood sprinkled Daisy’s face.

“This custom of yours of attacking my enemies from behind, don’t you think it’s out of fashion?” said Daisy sarcastically and with a smile.

“A simple thank you also work,” said Tomás. He offered his hand to help Daisy stand up.

They tied the corpse of Aviles with a rope and threw it to the Black Shark; the guns stopped. The crew of the Ruthless Leviathan began to celebrate and threw their hats in the air.

Reynaldo approached Dasiy and said with a small smile: “We would’ve never have worked out.”

“Finally, we agree on something,” Daisy replied.

Daisy said goodbye to her friends and prepared to claim the Black Shark.

“Fix the course to Santo Domingo, I have something for you,” Tomás told Daisy before she left. Daisy nodded and swung onto her new vessel.

“Your captain has fallen! I claim this ship!” Daisy yelled when she arrived. The crew began to celebrate because they were no longer under the arrogance of Aviles. “Set course for Santo Domingo hungry dogs!”

to be continue

1 thought on “Heart in the High Seas (Part 5)”

  1. Uno de los programas que más frecuentes que tenemos es que no se encuentra lectura variada de autores en español, por favor Laurita escribe la historia en español y dale honra a tu tierra y lengua, sé una revolucionaria y de las pocas que escribe para su generación. 😘


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