The Missing Jewel (Part 3)

The bell rang. A few moments later a woman, a man, and an older woman entered the room. The younger woman was very beautiful, with an elegant, energetic and confident air. she had short black hair, bushy eyebrows, broad hips, and asked the butler for lemon water. The man who held her right hand was tall, with a broad forehead, black, bright eyes, and a soft dark brown hair. He was handsome. The older woman beside him had short blond hair, brown eyes, and a straight nose. She wore a white blouse, black pants, and low heels
“Elsa! Ben! Mrs. Jones! “The twins said in unison and proceeded to hug their friends.
The detectives showed them the security video and began to question the new arrivals. None recognized the thief.
“By her way of walking I would say it is a woman,” Detective Hobson reported. “Can you think of someone who wanted to … get revenge or … something like that?”
“What do you think of Luna, Ben?” Erica proposed to her future son-in-law.
“Luna? Well … maybe … I do not know, ” said Ben Sanchez, shrugging.
“Who’s Luna?” asked Detective D’Arezzo.
“Ben’s ex-girlfriend, Luna Gallagher, is a photographer and she’s crazy,” replied Erica.
“Mom, she’s not crazy, baby. She’s just a little … different and … eccentric.” said Elsa Jones.
“No, Elsa, she’s crazy,” Ben corrected. “When we finished, she burned all the gifts I gave her, in my yard.”
“Okay, we’ll investigate it,” said Bella; He took out his notebook and wrote down the name. “We will let you know any news.”
Outside the Leeves mansion, Teresa Earwood and Selena Graham were waiting for their companions.
“Tomorrow we have to question Luna Gallagher,” Daisy announced when they got into the car.
“I’ll send a message to Tony so we can meet at the station tomorrow to see all the evidence he found,” Selena said, as she took her cell phone out of her pocket.
“I hope he is well,” Teresa commented.

to be continue

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