The Missing Jewel (Part 4)

Anthony Well went to the Salis Hospital in the city center to talk with Rose Kinsky, the security guard of the Leeves twins.
Why can’t I go with you to talk to the twins?’ Anthony asked when they were assigning people.

Because you’re an insolent,’ replied his partner, Daisy D’Arezzo. ‘Go with the guard, she will put you in your place.’

When Anthony found Ms. Kinsky’s room, number 48, she was texting on her cell phone. Detective Wells imagined that Miss Kinsky would be a tall, strong woman, with wide wrists, with a scar on her forehead and a fiery character. Instead, he found a young woman of petite stature, with curly hair, dyed pink, and with small forehead and eyes; she had the fiery character he expected. Anthony was stunned.

“Rose Kinsky?” Anthony asked.

“It depends on who asked!” She replied shouting and with a strong foreign accent.

“Lower your voice, it’s a hospital.”


“I’m Detective Wells, I have some questions about last night’s theft.”

“Well … they hit me on the forehead and they took the Sancy diamond … and that’s it,” said the guard and texting again.

After looking at her for a while, Anthony said, “You’re very pretty.”

Rose looked up from her cell phone and looked up and down with intrigue. As if I was analyzing a puzzle.

“Thank you … you are also very handsome,” concluded Ms. Kinsky, with a mischievous smile that characterized her.

Anthony Wells had black eyes, big cheeks, very curly brown hair; he had a baby face.

“Let’s make a deal…”

“Wells … but you can call me Anthony … or Tony,” he said stammering.

“Let’s make a deal Tony,” Rose whispered as she got up from the bed and slowly approached Anthony’s face. “I’ll tell you all about the person who stole the necklace and I’ll give you the best kiss you’ve ever have if you let me go and do not come back for me.” Rose took Anthony’s rough hands and said, looking into his eyes: “What do you think?”

Oh, ooh. thought the detective.

to be continue

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