The Missing Jewel (Part 5)

“Luna Gallagher?” Selena Graham asked the woman who opened the door of the small apartment.

“Yes, come in,” said that tall woman, with black hair, smooth and long, with large eyes and pale skin.

Luna opened the door and let the detectives enter the dark apartment. On television, there was a paused scene from the movie ‘Deadpool 2’, a half-empty bowl of popcorn on the table and a blanket on the couch where the detectives sat.

“I’m Detective Graham and she’s my partner, Detective Earwood, we have to ask you some questions about Ben Sanchez and Elsa Jones.”


“Your relationship with Ben Sánchez, did it end in good terms?” Selena asked.


“Then why did you burn his gifts in his yard?”

“I like to burn things.” Her eyes twinkled when she said it.

“Why did you break-up?” Teresa asked.

“He proposed and I answered no,” Luna said quietly. “Marriage is not my thing.”

“And, do you like his new girlfriend?”

Luna shrugged. “I barely know her.”

“Did you know about the Sancy diamond that Ben had?” asked Detective Graham.


“Where were you last night?”

“Here, watching a movie.”

“Can you prove it?”

“Aaaammm … well … no, but …”

“That is SUSPICIOUS AND CONVENIENT,” Teresa shouted. “Did you steal it to get revenge?”

“No!” responded Luna Gallagher defensively. “I rejected his proposal.”

“For the money?”

“Think detective! If I had the diamond, I would not be sitting here watching a movie! ” Luna paused. “I would be fleeing the country or selling it on the black market.”

The two detectives were cornered; she was right. There was no point in continuing to accuse her. She was, surprisingly, innocent … of committing the crime. Teresa and Selena apologized for bothering her and were ready to return to the office.

“Wait, before you leave, there’s something you should know,” Luna said. “When Ben and Elsa started dating, Ben asked me if I will investigate his new girlfriend. He suspected that she and her mother were hiding something: they had secret talks frequently, they did not have pictures together, they didn’t talk about the past or about other relatives, etc. This is what I found.” Luna handed Selena a photo she had found during her investigation. In it was a little girl with a short, young woman but with the same broad hips, similar to the ones that Erica Jones had, short, black hair, and a cheeky smile. She was dressed as a prostitute. “I have not shown it to Ben.”

“Why did he ask you, his ex, to investigate Elsa?” Teresa asked.

“He’s my best friend. He will always be my best friend ”

“What a waste of time.” Selena sighed as she kicked a carton of milk that was on the sidewalk, outside Miss Gallagher’s building. “And this we don’t even know if it’s a clue.”

“Don’t worry,” Teresa said as she gave her friend a big hug. “We will solve this.”

to be continue

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