The Missing Jewel (Part 6)

“So, our suspect is a woman five feet five inches tall?” Bella Hobson commented. “It’s a very vague description Tony.”

“When I interviewed Rose Kinsky,” Anthony Wells reported, “she told me she called herself K, a wanted criminal in Jamaica, Russia, Portugal, Australia, and Canada.”

“Wow, it must be very dangerous if they’re looking for her in Canada,” Bella said with her usual and sometimes imperceptible sarcasm.

“K has been responsible for forty murders, and 70 robberies,” Anthony continued. “Her entourage is made up of drug dealers and prostitutes that she releases from prison in exchange for loyalty to her.”

“Rose helped K steal the necklace?” asked Teresa Earwood.

“I suspect she did.”

“And why didn’t you bring her?” asked Daisy D’Arezzo, slightly irritated.

“We made a deal.”

“She kissed you, didn’t she?” Bella guessed.

“Maybe,” Anthony answered, shrugging.

“You’re an idiot!” exclaimed Daisy.

“Easy, Daisy. We’ll find the diamond, “said Teresa.

“And the photograph?” Selena Graham asked. “Is it a clue?”

“Who is with Miss Jones in the picture?” Daisy asked.

“Penelope Britt.” Detective Hobson read from a yellow file. “Fifty-one years old; twenty years’ sentence; arrested for stealing half a million Jamaican dollars from the Bank of Jamaica six years ago. ”

“That crime was committed by K!” exclaimed Detective Wells.

“And K incriminated Penelope,” concluded Detective Graham.


to be continue

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