The Missing Jewel (Part 7)

“Here I am, detectives, what do you want?” announced Érica Jones when she entered the interrogation room.
Daisy D’Arezzo placed the photo in front of Érica and said: “Explain.”
“She’s an … an old friend and that’s it,” Érica said with a forced smile. Her eyes were watering and her fists tighten. She tried not to cry. Why?
“Your friend, Penelope Britt, was incriminated by a thief and murderer named K,” said Teresa Earwood.
“The same K that we believe stole the Sancy diamond,” added Daisy.
“Impressive coincidence, don’t you think?” commented Selena Graham.
“This is the worst accusation in the world!” exclaimed Mrs. Jones indignant. “All you have is an old picture of me! That doesn’t prove anything! ”
Mrs. Jones took her purse, left the room, slamming the door. The sound of her steps slowly disappeared into the distance.


to be continue

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