Operation: Naughty List

Dear Santa,

I know you know that I have been acting naughty lately, but there’s a good reason. My dad lost his job, and we can’t afford to buy more coal for the chimney. It’s snowing and it’s getting very cold. My brother, Justin, had an idea: to do bad things to get on your naughty list and get coal, so we don’t freeze to death. I tried and failed.
I went to the kitchen, took one of the crystal glasses and threw it on the floor. I thought mom would get angry, but instead, she said: “It’s okay, honey. I know it was an accident.” She even smiled. I went to Katherine Owen’s house; she always teased me in school. I know on her door, and she opened right away. “What do you want, dimwit?” she said. I froze for a second. Mom told me not to snap and to be the better person. But, then I saw the fireplace in Katherine’s house, and it reminded me of my mission. I told her she was mean, that nobody liked her and that she would end up alone. She started crying… and apologizing for all the bad things she’d done to me. She even gave me a hug.
I was running out of time; I couldn’t get to the naughty list. So, I came up with a Plan B. This year for Christmas, instead of asking for another dress for my doll, I ask you for coal. I know it may seem strange, but it is what I need. So, please, Santa, help me.

Emma Kingston

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