When I was growing up, I’ll admit it, I had a very hard time. I didn’t have doorbells, I had flickering lights. I can’t listen to people I look at them face to face; I can’t have a conversation while driving. Phone calls? What are those? I have to FaceTime. Not prefer to FaceTime, I HAVE to FaceTime. Couldn’t and can’t take part in group conversations. My birthday party’s music was criminally loud. The neighbors are my witnesses.
Mom wouldn’t let me go to a school, she said I would be an outcast. Still, I begged and begged until finally, I got to go a real at school in 4th grade. Mom was right, I was an outcast. Yet, I made three friends: Max, Priscila and, Jeremy. They learned my language and adjusted their games so I could play too. I am so grateful for them. We still hang out every Saturday night at Priscila’s.
At my senior year, I was so lost. Who would hire somebody like me? But then, a dear friend told me about a job I would be great at. I am great at my job. My partners get so distracted by their surrounding. I don’t that problem… that often. Nobody can spot details at a crime scene or an important document or photograph better than me. I’ve solved many cases thanks to that. Also, I am great at playing the guitar and playing thumb wars because I have very, very strong fingers. Who would think a limitation could turn out to be a blessing in disguise?

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