Faith (Part 2)

“Have a good day, your majesty.” “You look great today your majesty.” That’s what Prince Richard heard the most in the past two days. The news that he could marry anybody quickly spread through the castle. Many female maids, servants and staff either openly flirt with him, or were oddly friendly.

Prince Richard summoned Hector, his best friend, to help him. Richard dressed as a peasant and went to a nearby town because he wanted to find a woman that wouldn’t marry him for money or title. True, honest love. They walked through town and stopped at a tavern. Hector was sweating like a horse. They ordered two beers.

“I’ve never seen you gentlemen around here,” said a grey-haired man, with spectacles sitting next to them.

“We’re looking for work,” mentioned Richard.

“Well, I could use a pair of extra hands in my bakery. I am too old to be carrying heavy sacks.”

Richard accepted his offer, but Hector got discouraged at the thought of all the hard work ahead.

Next day, Richard and Hector reported at the bakery. They carried heavy flour sacks, cleaned the floors, and heated the oven. At midday, a young lady came to the shop.

“Boys, this is Faith, my finest baker,” said Mr. Penn, the owner.

Hector whipped his hands in his apron and offered his hand to Faith.

This must be the Prince, thought Faith.

Faith taught the guys how to knead the dough. Richard caught up with it very quickly, but hector struggled with it, he even got dough inside his ears. Richard and Faith teased at his failed attempts. When Hector left to clean himself, Faith and Richard agreed to go out on a picnic next to the river. Those trips were quite often.

Faith tried to spend time with Hector, but he was obnoxious, lazy and whiny. Faith did her best to like him in some way, but she always ended up spending more time with Richard. He made her laugh and listen to her when she talked. He had a charming smile.

“Faith, there’s something really important I have to ask,” said Richard. They were taking a walk through the forest, instead of going to the river, as they usually did. “ You’re the most formidable, smart and beautiful woman I’ve ever met. I love you, unconditionally. Will you marry me?”

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