“Lopez!” Erik lifted his head from the papers he was reviewing and ran to the hospital director’s side. “Bring me some pathology requisition sheets.”
Erik walked to José María and asked where the pathology laboratory was; it was on the sixth floor.
Erik climbed the stairs, taking short breaks to catch his breath. When he reached the top floor he wiped the sweat from his glasses and went to the secretary’s desk. She pointed to the lab at the end of the hall.
Upon entering he ran into the horror. There was a person, wrapped in a blue-green plastic suit, gloves and a mask, doing an autopsy on a baby. Erik could not take his eyes off the bloody blade. His legs were shaking.
“Excuse me … you can give me some … requisition sheets …” His voice trembled with shock.
The person took off his gloves and mask: she was a beautiful young woman with brown eyes, black hair and a smile. She handed Erik the requisition sheets and continued with her work.
Erik gave the papers to his boss and went to look for José María.
“José, I found the woman I’m going to marry,” said Erik, happy.
“What is her name?”
“I don’t know.”
“Do you have her number?”
“You are a madman.”
At night, Erik and José María went walking to the house. In a rickety car passed by them. It was the beautiful young woman. She stopped at the traffic light.
“José, it’s her!” Erik jumped in excitement.
“You don’t know her.”
“Let’s do this: we turn around, and I’ll bet you she’s looking at me.”
The two men turned at the same time and without much dissimulation: indeed, the young woman was looking at them in the rearview mirror.
“You see!” celebrated Erik. “I will marry her.”
The next day, Erik encountered a group of pathology residents, all dressed in their impeccable white coats. In the center was the beautiful young woman. Erik came over to say hello and asked for her phone number. She gave it to him.
“My name is Erik. What is your name?”
The girl said her name … but Erik could not hear her because of the alarm of an ambulance.

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