Newspaper Ad

Walter Becker stared at the apartment complex the taxi brought him to. Dumb dumb dumb, he thought. He thought it was dumb to put his information on a newspaper ad. It was dumb to fly all the way from Germany to Costa Rica. To meet a girl that for all he knew could be missing all her front teeth. Or was completely gorgeous… but annoying. How did he get himself into this?
C’mon Walter, it’ll be fun, said his best friend, Paul, you may meet a fine lady. What’s the worst that can happen? If anything you can say that things didn’t work out and that’s it.
Walter walked up the stairs to the seventh floor. Paul was right. If the worst happened he could go back to Germany.
He knocked on the door.
The door opened to reveal: an old lady. She was short, had her hoary hair in a small bun and round glasses. She yelled something in Spanish too fast for him to understand. Walter could hear his quickening heartbeat.
“Is… Sofía… here?” he managed to mutter.
“Sofía? She lives on the 6th floor.” The lady closed the door.
Walter ran down the stairs.
He knocked on the door, again. This time a young woman opened the door. She had short, curly hair, brown eyes and a big smile with,… all her teeth.

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