Disclaimer: I mean in no way to insult or mock southerners. 

Elizabeth Miller was a sweet, sweet girl. Don’t let the cheerleader uniform or Casino employee uniform fool ya. She’s as pretty as a peach: light brown hair, rosy cheeks, slender body, and tan skin. But she had her moments.

Once she and Betsy Langston, also cute as a button and had gumption, were in the Casino where they worked. Elizabeth went to the bathroom and left her purse with Betsy. Heavens to Betsy! While she talked to somebody in another table, the purse got stolen. Elizabeth completely went nuts when she came back; that purse had her cell phone, her driver’s license and her money. Oh the money.

“Hold your horses, doll!” cried Betsy, holding Elizabeth by the shoulders, “Let’s go check out the security camera.”

Michael, the guy that works on the cameras; he knew the guy that stole the purse. His name was Toby Unger and he worked at Luby’s. Michael contacted him.

Three days later, the girls met the guy. He felon as all get out. He had long hair to his shoulders, ripped jeans and pierced ears. Toby handed back the purse, but he had sold some things. Betsy said that he would have to buy Elizabeth new stuff. Lizzie was still a little bit upset.

“Chill, honey, it’s just a purse,” said Toby, with a small chuckle. Wrong move.

Elizabeth kicked him in.. the hollies of hollies. Poor boy. Elizabeth regretted it immediately.“I’m so sorry, I s’wanee”.

Toby stood up, and told her they better get going to buy her new stuff; he limped at first. Elizabeth, out pity, didn’t buy anything super expensive as she planned. Betsy would be very disappointed when she finds out. Toby tried to small talk, to soften the mood. And it worked.

Before Elizabeth went back into her car, Toby Unger said: “Would you like to go out with me?”

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