The Prison

“So, why did they imprisoned you?”

“Well… I was buying groceries in the supermarket yesterday night, and I was thirsty. So, I bought a juice box to drink in my way home. When I finished drinking the juice, I notice there was something heavy in the inside. I cut the empty carton with some scissors. There was an old, skeleton key in the inside. It was very odd. I thought it was for a prize or something. Then I went to sleep; I left the key in my bed stand. But when I closed my eyes… a dim light started to glow. I was the key. I took the key and went to my kitchen and it got brighter. I kept walking until I was outside my door and crossing the street. The key led me to this house that was on sale, but nobody lives there. I went in. To my surprise, the key opened the door. Inside, sitting on a futon, was an old lady. She said she’d been waiting for me. She made me an offer: if I married her daughter and claimed her bastard son as my own, she would make me powerful being in the world. At first, I stared at her with incredulity. She noticed and set the whole house on fire, but nothing, not even us, got burnt. Now I believed! I accepted her deal. The old lady, her name was Irma,  took me through a closet to a magnificently furnished throne room. Sitting on the throne was a beautiful woman holding a baby in her arms. She asked me if I was the father of her son. I responded that I was, indeed. Suddenly, a hand struck my face, giving me this black eye. Some guards that I didn’t notice before, took me here. One of them told me I was condemned for raping the queen and would be sentenced to death.

That’s how I got here.”

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