Why is the Sky Blue?

It is a long story. Thousands and thousands of years ago, a king wanted to make a special gift to his queen, for her birthday. The king didn’t know what to give her. The king went to his brother’s palace to seek his advice.
“There is an underwater cave, in the falls on the other side of the northern mountains. There is a chest with a mysterious treasure of inestimable value. That cave is taken care of by … a sea serpent … ” the king’s brother stopped to think better about what he was saying to his adventurous brother. The king was nervous at the thought of the risky journey, but thinking of his beloved wife opening his gift, gave him the confidence to order the servant to saddle his horse.
The king rode on his steed to the northern mountains and crossed to the other side. There was a waterfall from which fell much cold and majestic white water. The king took off his boots and went into the water. As he approached the waterfall, he saw the entrance to the cave. The water hit the king hard on the neck. The cave was dark. The king groped touching the walls looking for the chest. He felt a long strip of scales. It started to move. The sea serpent coiled around his leg and bit with his sharp teeth the king’s back. The king screamed in pain. He drew his sword and stuck it in the eye of the serpent. The snake howled in pain, and released the king and left. The king sat down to catch his breath; he felt a sharp burn in the wounds of his back. When he sat down, he realized that the surface was made of wood … the chest!
Slowly, the king carried the chest to his horse and returned home. There his beautiful and worried wife waited for him; nobody told her the whereabouts of her husband. When the king arrived, she saw him coming from her balcony and ran to meet him.
“Happy birthday, my love.” The king handed her the small treasure chest. The queen called the doctor to check her husband. The doctor said that the king’s injuries were too serious for him to heal. They would have to take him to an expert healer who lived a week away. The king was taken to the healer, and his queen stayed to wait for him. After a month since the king’s departure, the queen received a letter from the king. He said that the treatment would last longer than expected because his injuries were very serious. He did not know when he would return. He told her that he loved her and that he hoped that she enjoyed the gift.
The treasure was a single, simple ring. The queen used it every day while waiting for her husband’s return. What she did not know, was that the ring changed many colors, blue, pink, gray, orange, whenever she thought of her brave husband. But not only did the ring change color, but also our sky changes color as she patiently waits for the return of her loving husband.
That is why the sky is blue and of many other colors.

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